I’m tired. Tired oh so tired. 

Sometimes, I just want to sleep, sleep and sleep and sleep all day. Because it’s just so much easier to sleep and dream a wonderful dream than to wake up and just go about the day.

Like nothing, like that annoying ringing noise you get inside your ear. And it’s not like you can talk about it, because how do you describe what you can’t understand. And whom do you talk to, when everyone is so damn busy running their little rat races life.

If i could just take a big breath, one of those where you just get clarity, just one. I wish times where differs, in the sense that people weren’t so self absorbed where they really did wonder If you were okay, where they actually took the time to listen to what you had to say. I understand the need to be selfish, but isn’t the point of having friends and family, is to know you will always have a ear or a shoulder. 

No judgements, no “oh here we go, same story same thing,” no “I’m busy” and surprise I found the time to be out and about with so-and-so yet I couldn’t bother to reply to your message. And it’s not like you complain or exaggerate but it’s like, I don’t recall making a fuss about listening to your thoughts, emotions, or feelings. So what does it mean? That mine are not as important as yours?

I’m so tired, tired of being “good, okay, fine” and so tired of all the fake questions Fake concerns. 

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