When your family favors boys.

I was talking with my mother this afternoon about the family, particularly my grandparents. On one side, I have my grandmother who tolerates my mother but hates her guts(Not the woman she wanted my father to marry).Consequently when I was born, my grandmother claimed I must have been the mailman’s daughter since the men in the family only had boys(how that works in her mind, I have no idea).She mostly seems to dislike females in general.

On occasion my grandmother likes to whisper, “This is for your brother, not you,” whenever I receive something that she believes will benefit my brother. Or whenever she finds out I might have treated my brother badly, even if I tease him, she will refuse to talk to me. She doesn’t say she loves me back anymore, I’ve just stopped seeing her as much all these years. I am a failure when it comes to seeing her. I always do something to make her upset usually. I forgive her though, I can’t change who she is but that doesn’t mean I will tolerate how she treats me.

My grandfather on the other side of the family treats me way better, even with the bad past between his daughter(My mother) and him. Though he favors my father more, so I’m told. Both sides of my family are pretty much Mexican or originated from mexico, so they hold many of these old ideas about the roles of family members. Boy’s are usually favored. I don’t like either side of the family, and I’m thankful I can choose to not be close to them at all.

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