Say what you like,

do what you will

Let your words be the strike,

if you’re in for the kill

Say what you mean,

mean what you say

Whose ever conscience is clean,

but it doesn’t matter anyway

Sometimes words hurt

Sometimes they’re just words

Perhaps I’m just growing numb,

too worried about caving in

Everyone’s got their opinions

too eager to win the argument

while others are left in silence

trying to find a solution

The air feels heavy like lead

like a starving beast overfed

Still, it’s hungry for more

sucking out our energy to the core

Where do we go from here?

It’s the same old familiar fear

Will there be another hurricane

blowing this house of cards

like a scatterbrain?

Sometimes you just need to convincey ourself

even when you’re alone:

“Words are words…”

-over and over-

“…words are words…”


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