After job

I want to earn money and  work as diswasher in cafe near the home. One day a lot of people come to our cafe and I was delayed. My mother and sister worried and decided to come to me cafe. When they left the house I left cafe and come home, but the door was locked and nobody at home.  I come to the boy that stand in next entrance. I asked the time, it was at one o clock in the morning. Then we just start talk.I didnt remember his name because it was strang and he said that he is azerbaijan. But he look like simple kazakh boy. I liked his smell, the unusual smell, was felt the smell of expensive perfume. He 17 years old like me and footballer in Astana youth football club. He was good talker and I try to find him in social network in the morning, but I dont find anything about him. He just dissaperead.

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