How can they have such an influence on me? Completely wasting my time and energy. What is it? The chase? The idea of what could be? 

Is this my biology talking or is it society? I wan’t to meet people and not have the first thing on my mind being whether or not I find them attractive and I see potential for more. 

Maybe if i was passionate about something else my focus would no longer be on them. I cn try and kid myself and pretend like I don’t care. But, I do. I want to genuinely not care. I know how to get over boys but the methods in which I do it are all just mind games. I hate mind games. Every action I take with a boy is a mind game where i asses their responses and evaluate accordingly. Is this the same for everyone? Or is this just a girl thing? do guys feel this way as well? 

It’s time to let go. Just let life be and happen naturally. 

I wish college essays were as easy as it is to write on here

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