Day 18 – 30 Days of Remembrance

I asked my sisters what they remembered about our Father’s Day celebrations? 

Merita: All of us and the Keck clan would get together at wherever and have a wiener roast. All the kids would be playing ball or whatever and we would all just be visiting. I remember a lot of fun and a whole lot of laughing. 😊😊
Brenda: That’s an easy one. We still do hotdogs on a stick over a fire pit, junk food and beer or koolaid and ice cream treats for dessert.
Shelley: We were all together and, as the kids got older, playing soccer and having fun. 😘
Leanne: A family bbq for both Father’s and Mother’s Day.

My next question was their best memory of dad:

Merita: Whistling.
Brenda: He would come here about twice a week for coffee when he didn’t need to go home yet.
Shelley: That I was his favorite daughter and he was always there for me. 😘

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