Day 478 – Lunch at grandma’s

Saturday, June 17th 2017

Today was eventful.

I went for a family lunch at my grandma’s house for father’s day and a late gift for my birthday. My cousins, aunt and uncle were also there. We talked, ate (had this delicious chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup my grandma made; it was amazing), then my cousins, brother and I went to play Sequence in the basement. We always play some type of game when at my grandma’s house, whether it be video games or board games. The oldest cousin won the first time on Sequence, then the youngest and I teamed up since my brother joined and there is a three player limit. I won along with my cousin, and I’d say we were a pretty good team. We high fived and then they went ahead and played SkipBo, or however you spell it. I remember not liking that game last time I tried it, so I got the wifi password and just played DragonVale (speaking of which, my brother mentioned TinyTower—I should also reinstall that. Last time I was over 100 floors) while watching them (it was a bit funny, since the youngest was stuck not being able to do anything haha). Eventually everyone left and I watched YouTube and played more DragonVale at home until 10pm where we watched Supernatural. I forgot to do my father’s day card since I was still brainstorming it. Right after church I’ll work on it and give it at the restaurant. Hopefully I have enough time to study for my English exam though—In a scenario like this, I’d do a short Bible study at home and then study for my exam, but I’m ushering, so gotta be there. At least Monday is only art exam, which I don’t have to study for, so I have the afternoon for English.

That’s all for today.


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