I wish I wasn’t a Coward

If only I could see what you see. Then maybe I would know what you see when you look at me. Maybe I would have a small insight in what you must think. 

If  I could just stop being such a coward and just throw it out there. Whatever it is I’m feeling and thinking. Atleast then, in a way I would know what can be done, instead of just guessing and suffering through constant headaches and heartache. 

Because I’ve realized, that no matter what, you’re always going to be in my mind my heart. And no matter what goes on I know with certainty that you will always be one smile away, one thought away. And honestly, there’s nothing I can do. Maybe amnesia? Yeah, I don’t know, because I would surely find my mind heading your way, followed closely by my heart. 

Its as if I’m in an infinite loop, no beginning no end. Nothing insight. I really miss you. I miss you so much, i don’t know really don’t remember what my life was like before you. And after you, I’ve had no life, just days that go on and on, rolling into one big blur. A ride, going by fast, and all you see is outlined but, nothing more than shadows. 

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