It’s gonna be a bloodbath

Today I finally had a day off and I didn’t do a damn thing.  Also did nothing last night.  I had the option to hangout with one of my hookups but I wasn’t interested.  Speaking of hookups, Anthony is for sure gone.  I know I said that before but third time blowing me off is the final strike.  He had a chance to make it up to me but of course he fell through and now I have no interest in talking to him ever again.  I actually wish I had never met him because he really did nothing positive for my life.  Just goes to show you how truly ugly really good looking people can be.  I kind of didn’t mind lazying around all day.  I started to read again and forgot how much I enjoyed it.  Maybe it’s a hobby I can pick up again now that I’m going to have all this free time.  I also find it improves my vocabulary and overall grammar!   Not a bad hobby to have.  I also am trying to get back into my workout routine.  I didn’t workout today which I’m kind of disappointed in myself, but I’ll try and get a workout in tomorrow.  I have to get up at 4am for work which I’m actually kind of relieved.  I’m all out of my Xanax and working the morning shift is much easier on my nerves than a night shift.  It sucks but I really have nothing to look forward to.  Maybe I’ll plan a vacay with my parents.  Going out of town, even if it is with my parents, sounds good right about now.  Anyways, back to reading!

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