Log One.


Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Log One

Welcome to my little techno-world of grade-a imagination!  Praying that the line before this one was a good thesis?  Well, anyway, my name is Jessie.  Please, for the sake of my mental health, just address me as “Jess”, far too many people do not know of the difference between “Jessie” and “Jesse”, or even the iconic “Jessi.” My last name, which I cherish and hold to my heart very deeply, is Simar.  The pronunciation is ‘sea’, the vast blue sea of white-capped rolling tides, and ‘mar’, as if Mars had lost its “s” and wilted away into a simple star, always providing its celestial starlight for both the sun to love and the earth to envy.

Forgive me, I’m easily lost.  I suppose I should explain more of myself?  I am seventeen-years-old at the current moment.  I suffer from alcoholism, self-destruction, PTSD, several panic disorders, depression, and anxiety; all diagnosed, other than me being an alcoholic and a suicidal self-harmer.  In addition to that I suffer from hallucinations, which I don’t mind all too terribly much since it mainly means I’ve “an overactive imagination”, which means too much frontal lobe activity.  The more imagination the better, yeah?

Honestly, I am just thankful for my friend, Amanda, my partner in crime since the playground days.  We’ve had our shit-fests in the past due to our immaturity and our own mental issues colliding, but we’ve learned how to channel all of this: writing.  Writing has been our forte since we could put pencil to paper, of course not all of our elementary short stories were bestsellers.  Or even our junior high years’ jumble of run-on, compound, fragmented sentences.

However, if you ask us now, I believe we are doing quite all right with our latest collaboration.  I envy Mandy’s raw talent that she conjures up from her soul, all of her works are quite invigorating to read.  Now, I suppose both you and I will be more than able to read them more frequently on this website/app.  I’m eager to share my mishaps of adventures with all of you, as well as feature some sneak-peeks of Mandy and I’s novel.  With any luck, I will make a few friends here as well.  Cheers, my kinsmen.

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