The Last Social Command

“Fight apathy, or don’t”. (Unknown)
Yeah that’s the last social command, blah blah blah. Now let’s go back to our normal crap.
It’s a farewell I suppose.
Maybe because writin’ this blog was mandatory, I kept doin’ it. But I’m not gonna forget how helpful it was. I’m not gonna let it go, dear reader.
Thank you for bein’ here if you ever were. I loved this journey with you and I’m gonna keep doin’ it even if you stop readin’ it for me.

Cheers to the time we assumingly had with each other; good, bad or ugly.
And fight apathy wherever you are. It’s gettin’ really cold here.

PS. Breaking news: the monster is back! I dunno if I’m happy or beaten. Yeah. He’s right here.

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