259.0 – Friday
260.6 – Saturday
262.2 – Sunday
260.6 – Today

Feeling back to 100% awesome, thankfully, and all on-plan food sounds delicious again. I haven’t been on-plan, and neither has the rest of my family. We resolved to get back on board immediately following Father’s day breakfast (Dad wanted rice and gravy, def. not on-plan.) I have no excuse for struggling so hard to get back on track, but all I can do at this point is own up, log it, and move on.

I spent yesterday cleaning out our entire pantry and fridge, throwing away any junk food or “gray area” food (food that could be considered on-plan, but could also kind of not.) There was NO MERCY SHOWN yesterday and all garbage is out of the house. Our meals for the next two weeks are planned and our lunches are packed and ready to go. Hubs and my sis are on board and have signed up for dinners to cook- Yay!

I try to remember that it’s a marathon, not a race. But Jess, you gotta run sometime.

The plan for today: is below. I need to drink at least the two cups of broth to fend off the keto flu.

Walk with Dad this morning. Have an awesome OP day, guys

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