Day 479 – Busy day

Sunday, June 18th 2017

Today was eventful.

I started by ushering at church. I did the usual and recieved a pair of earrings from my grandmother, which is really nice. They’re silver feathers with some blue above it; they’re very pretty.

At home I worked on my father’s day card while my parents were out looking at trailers. I then went to start organising my things to study for my English exam, but there isn’t really much for me to study, which is nice. I do wanna review the books we read though; make some links between them since that’s one of the questions and then review dystopian characteristics in case there’s something relating to that.

We went to a restaurant that had huge portions. I gave my dad his gift and then we recieved a huge plate of nachos as the appetizer. We ate, then recieved our plates. Since the portions are big, my mom and I split a plate of curry chicken, rice and naan bread. We also got a small pizza sized cookie with icecream. It was all good and we brought a bunch of leftovers home.

At home I played Cards Against Humanity with staff members, and we were quite a bit of us compared to usual; we were 8ish.

I watched Supernatural and (major spoilers) it’s interesting to see how they brought Sam and Dean so close together then pulled​ them the furthest apart that they could, by making Sam a vessel for Lucifer and Dean a vessel for an extremely powerful angel, as well as make them go their seperate ways after the whole Sam opening the portal so now Dean doesn’t trust him anymore. At the start of the show I’d expect Sam to be made for the angels and Dean the demons, but guess not. Castiel is so confusing to me though haha. Cause when he’s dealing with angels and demons and whatnot, he knows his stuff, he does not take crap and he’s confident, but when it involves human things like getting with a girl, he looks terrified (literally at some point). It’s funny though, haha. Just his personality to me is hard to imitate. Usually I like to think of scenarios of characters outside of the show and I can make them act according to their personalities, but Castiel is a bit hard. Maybe cause he’s going through quite a bit of development, since I was able to before he rebelled.

That’s all for today.

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