Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day and I can’t help but think about how mild existent mine and my dad’s relationship is. I called him and said the “HFD” spiel but truth be told my step dad was always my dad 24/7. When I was younger I saw my dad every other weekend and it was routine…Friday pick up, eat dinner and watch Cops. Saturday morning breakfast, go to 7-11 for a slurpee, go to movies then back to the house for dinner and Cops. Sunday was breakfast then flea market then back home to my moms. That’s how badly routined it was for me to explain in detail how my weekend was “EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.” At the the age of 12 I decided to not go anymore and would only see him on special events. My family has always been non-traditional, meaning my step dad and dad would go fishing together and my dad would come over to my mom’s house for Christmas. Now I sit here wondering if this is my fault for the lack of connection or my dad’s? Then again, is there really anyone to blame with this? I only question it more so now because of my own daughter, whose dad moved completely out of state because his wife wanted to and not once thought how that would feel to a teenager who has struggled most her life trying to get recognition from her dad. Only difference is I didn’t care when I was her age but now effects me as I’m older. I only hope for peace for my children.

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