I only work Tuesday-Thursday, so today I did not have to work. Shaggy and I went to lunch around 2 or so, and the entire time that we were at lunch, he was on the phone. He left the room multiple times too, so I pretty much had lunch by myself. After lunch we came to the house and he told me to grab my camera, so I did. While we were driving, he was on the phone (shocker, I know). We arrived at an opening between trees in the woods, and he just said see you later. He pretty much just dropped me off, but did tell me that the train station was just down the street so I should know how to get home by now. After he drove away, I looked around, and had no idea where I was. I began walking on the path for about 50 feet or so, before the path ended. I found a building type hut in the woods, but besides that, I just saw a lot of trees. Lucky for me, it was 85 degrees out and sunny, and not raining. After sitting on a tree stump and calling my mom for 20 minutes, I decided to venture home. While walking home, I found a SPAR, and I had never been so relieved to find a convenience store before in my life. I bought an ice cold water and a white chocolate Magnum ice cream. While walking home, Shaggy ended up driving past me. He told me he was going to feed the horses and asked if I wanted to join, so I decided to tag along ( I had had enough walking for the day). We went to feed the horses, and then we walked around for a bit, and got to see the cows. Apparently they are worth a lot of money. I thought they were funny looking, and they followed us everywhere. After feeding the horses, we went to pick up Jack and Rory before having a barbecue. After dinner, we watched a movie, while I sent out emails to the managers of artists performing at the Longitude Festival. I was not expecting to hear back from anyone quickly, but I got a few immediate responses. I am still waiting to hear back officially about obtaining a press pass.

To be continued…

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