My June 2017 issue

Firstly, The Philippines is one of the best countries in the world, no matter what happens. I should have been one of those to be more happy, to have a President who comes from our region. He speaks the same language of mine, but unfortunately his attitude, and his belief is wired up with so many hazzards, hovering on atheism and immorality. He is very fond of speaking vain words or profanities which most of those who are with faith in God Almighty disagrees. My impression on him, is very negative, but it would not mean final judgment, for he is still there, and he has plenty of time, to reform himself. So, to continue his bulok style would be so injurious to our country, in economy, world reputations, and identity. We lost the gains of the past five years, as a developing country, a rising tiger in economy, and the world’s respect to us, as one of the sources of good education in southeast Asia. We have to pray hard for this or elses it will be a cancer so malignant, that excision might not be anymore plausible. Fake News in our country is transformed into truth by the man made trolls, and unfortunately the legitimate newspapers are peppered by the Government information system as the wrong entity. Our investigative reporters, local or international are dirtied with lebelous accusations of being paid, by government bloggers whose names are questionables, and some came from porns and plunderous sources. The administration are happy with their wrongdoings, and as a rewards to them, they are part of the continuous junketing throughout the world. Our poverty index is plummeting ups, all goods and prime commodities are sky high now, and still we have a very expensive inutile groups, paid by the taxpayers in their jet setting travels, who are with allowances for galivanting and emildific style of gift shopping.
Just a few months ago, the most inutile leader refuted all negative information that Mindanao is the most peaceful place in the Philippines. And those trolls also lauded that Davao is the most peaceful province, and is devoid of any chaos. He even challenge the ISIS to mount an attack, if ever they have balls to do it in Davao. His challenge was in no doubt accepted, by bombing the market place of the City of Davao, and even tried to explore possibilies of invading the Visayas, by fighting in Inabangga Bohol. And some ordinary people were killed as a collateral casualties. And before his junketing to Russia, he even challenged the Maute to launch an attack in Marawi. He brought a host of none important people with him in his travel. Since our country was devoid of leaders, the Maute group, surrounded the City of Marawi, and engulf their strength with no passion of pity towards the government. Without any study of the situation, he proclaimed Martial Law to the whole Mindanao in absencia. Some law expert disputed the action, because Proclamation of Martial Law should first define the situation, whether there is actual rebellion in the whole regions or country. Only one city, which is deminutive is being invaded, and it did not even define as a rebellion, it only means desgruntled against his ways of governance. The maute group are small group of the MILF, who are suspiciously connected with the abusayap. The father of the maute brothers, who was arrested claimed in an interview, that they are supporter of Digong, and they are helping him cleaning the country from drugs also. In short, they are his people. One troublesome happening is the increase of taxes on prime commodities and also the tax added to petroleum products, and the value added taxes to remmitances by our OFW. Good if you are his fanatics, because all kind of his foolishness is always palatable, but for those regular senders who are not politically injected, it is burdensome. Our tourism industry which was very healthy a regime ago, is now in tiptoe, as if the tourists are hiding in the door curtains, and will never enter anymore, because one country to another, orders their constituent to refrain visiting the Philippines, or else it might be caught by travel problems. Some of the tourists reported that their cottage are ransacked by thugs, taking their belongings. Some are killed by unknown assailants, and the authorities would not care investigating, charging it as drug related. Most of the death are drug related as claimed, and reaches the estimated counts of 8,000 people. There is an actual change in the country. From best to the worst. Someone said, it is from “Matino to baliw” that is the meaning of magbabago. And the fanatics applauded it. But for me, our country is not new on bad leaders. And we were able to reform it. Digong is just another one, and he has more time to correct himself. With our prayer, things might change for the better.
We have lots of event so far. We have our Independence Day and was celebrated decently in our country, especially that the one who officiated is our Vice President, the wife of Jessie Robredo who was famous of his being a Magsaysay Awardee. Vice Robredo is the right choice for our Vice President, being a hardworking woman, in the house of congress and her constituent. People love her as woman of honesty, vigilant, and decent. Whatever happens to Digong, our country will be cradled by a good trustee. Digong diappeared for 5 days, and a close pseculation by the Media is that he is sicked and bedridden. I am against to say that he is dying, because of cancer or whatever. We also pray for him. For the good of country, anyway he is a man and has a mind to accept reformations. We have also The Fathers Day, and as usuals, families were happy celebrating it, by reasons that Fathers are head of the family. We have to love them always. But also, it coincided with feast of Corpus Christi, meaning the body of Christ. Remember, everything can be possible with his name. He saves us, he redeem us, and he forgive us from our sin. Without him, no one can enter into heaven. He is the only door, where we can pass good in the next life. Just follow his command, and heaven on earth is already a part of your life. Joy, Happiness, and peace is the most enjoyable part of our life earlier, but it is not easy.We love Jesus, and we have to worship him with all our heart.

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