You Aren’t You

I miss the feeling of being so, inexplicably, in love with you.

I feel your absence. I am unable to let go of all the bittersweet memories, meanwhile you continue living your life as if nothing has changed. I cannot help but wonder if you feel my absence. do you ever even think of me?

the heartbreaking truth is that you are no longer the girl who would text me all day and all night, the girl who would always make sure I was happy, or trying my best to be okay. you are no longer the girl who confides in me. you no longer look for me to calm the chaos of your own demons. 

you have become the girl who no longer reaches out to me and doesn’t care to reply to my texts. you have become the girl who acts like everything is okay, even though we both know it is not.

you are the one who keeps me awake at night.

you promised you would never leave

I will always be waiting

holding onto memories

whether I wanted it to happen or not,
you took a piece of me with you when you left.

I don’t think I will ever get that piece back

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