10. I Can

Just finished the second workout for today and it was 30 minutes of “agh, I can’t feel my legs” Ha-ha. But to be honest, towards the end and including now, I feel really good. Like, I know I’m sweating but it’s just that unexplainable feeling of success. I did not want to workout at all today, because I felt so lazy and just the complete opposite of active. But I pushed myself and was my own motivation. I know I will feel even better in a couple of weeks.

Well, I’m also staring at my planner, ¬†thinking about what daily goals I want to achieve today. I know of course it was to get the workout done, so there’s a check mark next to that. Oh, I also got this app called Wattapp, or maybe that’s what it’s called. But it’s where you read tons of books from people who are just starting out. It’s a very nice app and It is actually giving me the motivation to write my own story.

Maybe that will be one of my goals for the year. Well, I’m going to do a bit of yoga and then after, I’ll have a cup of strawberries.

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