an open letter to my father


when your friends ask about that girl that comes over all the time, do you tell them who she is? do you tell them shes just a friend? do you ever say the words?

do you tell them that shes my girlfriend?

do you tell them your daughter is gay?

or does the disappointment you try to swallow do all the talking for you? do they see the same distorted face I saw when I finally let you into such a delicate part of my life?

you don’t talk to her much.

you don’t talk to me very much anymore either, for that matter.

I’m sorry.

not for being gay. not for being in a loving relationship with another female, but for the relationship you are missing out on with your daughter. I understand that the image you’ve had of my future has been altered and a man will no longer be in that picture, but that’s the only thing that has changed. I will still get married, I will still be walked down the aisle by my father, I will still have kids, I will still grow old with the love of my life. 


Dear Dad,

I know you don’t agree with me

I know you don’t look at me the same as before

and I know youre not thrilled with me being gay,

but I’m still your daughter. and I haven’t changed.


your only daughter. Your little girl.

One thought on “an open letter to my father”

  1. I am proud of you for not letting your father’s opinions change your love and mindset. I could never understand how hard this is for you. Thank you for sharing this. It’s truly inspiring.

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