Sunday night we arrived in Florida 🙂
We’re staying at a gorgeous Disneyland resort, and I’m so happy! 
I’m one of those annoying adults that loves all things Disney 😀

When we got married in January we didn’t have a honeymoon because my husband had to immediately start work at his new office, so we moved to Boston, and immediately moved into our new place, and no sweet honeymoon. But he promised me he would make it up to me, and we’re now on our delayed honeymoon 🙂 We’ve got 1 week at the Disneyworld resort, and then we might stay in Florida for a few more days afterwards. If we do stay a little longer I’d really like to visit all the beautiful southern coastal beaches and towns. 🙂 But I’ve got a week to decide because we’re going to spend the rest of the summer back home in Sweden. 🇸🇪 

I’d really like to return back to my home town and my village, but it’s not possible with my parents, they’d find out within a few hours and then all hell will break loose. We were talking about maybe going back to my husband’s childhood home, which by law is the owner, but we got to talking and I understand that he never wants to return there. So we decided to rent out a small cottage in the village to the north, on the island of Sollerön in Dalarna. Dalarna is like the equivalent of a ‘state’ in Sweden, and Sollerön is like a village or small town. Both Ramsay and my family are from Dalarna, but my parents owned a home in Stockholm too, and in the past 2 years they’ve made the move to Stockholm permanent. So even thought I strongly doubt that they would be in my home village, they might make the return to spend the summer there. In any event, its best to avoid at all costs. 

I’m not even sad to talk about this anymore. I’m learning to give up my mother a little everyday, its ‘sad’ but it is what it is. And I’m so looking forward to summer, and spending it with the love of my life. 🙂 

I hope you all have a great summer adventure, too and if you’re not traveling then spend it doing something you love. You don’t have to travel to spend your summers having fun, and spending it with the person or people you love is what makes it a wonderful summer. 🙂 

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