No Pool Here

Today was 107 degrees, which only screams “perfect weather for swimming!” Come home to a nice thick chain locked on the pool gate and a notice stating “Pool is temporarily closed! Pool rules were not being executed ‘showering is required before swimming.'” Seriously! How is an apartment going to closed down a pool on one of the hottest days because people cannot respect the rules. We are not 5 and should not all be punished due to others wrong doings. Me and my wonderful Borderline self do what we do best…Snapped and impulsively went off on the manager’s voicemail and wrote a nasty note on her door using her fancy threat flyers. She then came to my door where she addressed me about taking down her flyers and writing what I wrote. I again then continued to yell at her because she was not understanding my frustration of her note and was defending her note. She says she was closing the pool to be cleaned but did not say that anywhere in her note. After arguing for a while she broke down and started crying and turning the situation on me of why I was so mean when she’s been nothing but nice to us. It only irritates tremendously more when you try to flip the subject.she finally walked away when she couldn’t control her emotions in hopes to make me feel bad. I realize I was wrong to handle it the way I did but at this point I can’t apologize because then it would create anxiety even more which would then build more emotions and that doesn’t end well. “Emotional regulation is not a Borderlines strong point”

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