Now you realize

I went into our relationship thinking that you were the greatest guy ever. I loved your flaws and accepted you for everything that you are. I fell for you so easily, you were so sweet and so kind, so affectionate and loving. I dreamt of a future with you and I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You gave me a promise ring and told me we’d always be together, but you are a great fucking actor and you deserve an academy award. You played with my heart and I fucking hate you for cheating on me. Even if I made you unhappy you didn’t have to treat me like that. You gave me the promise ring and made me a promise when you had already cheated on me. We had a pregnancy scare and I ended up in the hospital, you got so excited hoping that I was pregnant, but I wasn’t. I wanna know if I was pregnant would you’d of told me that you cheated or kept it a secret? After you broke up with me a few days later you started dating someone else after the week passed you texted me saying that you miss me and that you want to work things out, that even with another girl you couldn’t stop thinking about me, now you realize what you had. You had me, you had someone that worked her ass off, someone that has always been independent, someone that has her shit together. You expect me to take you back, but I don’t want you. I’m going to let Karma bite you in the ass, I hope and pray that someday you love someone the way I loved you and that they break your heart like you did too me. I hope you never find someone as good as me. 

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