a break up letter to my sadness

the past few years has been great!

well, good.

Or you could say its been okay.

Maybe even moderate?

listen, I know that we used to have it all.

I used to lie with you everyday and we became so close. so close I could barely tell where I stopped and where you began. you introduced me to so many things. you introduced me to my anxiety, and my paranoia, and my favorite was my short temper. But the one thing I would never forget is the time you introduced me to my self destructive thoughts. she never seems to leave though? she still likes to visit even when youre not here.


we had a good run. you became a really big part of my life. My friends even started asking about you some days.

listen, I think id be better off without you, in all honesty. you held me back from doing so many things, and that’s also partly my fault for letting you take over so much of me. because of you, no one really wanted to be around me.

but this is where I’m putting my foot down. I think we need to take a break for a while.

yours truly,


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