Tuesday, June 20th

These last days of school are going to be painful. There is nothing to do. I am so bored. I have to do this until June 28th. The kids are supposed to come to school on the 27th- I doubt many will show up, and 1/2 day on the 28th. 

Noah and his friends are supposed to be back at my apartment today. I don’t know how many nights they are staying at my place.

Later, that same day…

Noah made it safe and sound back to the City. He and his buddies are at my place now. I am so happy he has friends, even if he had to gather them from the four corners of the Earth. 

I went to the doctor after school to establish myself with a doctor here and to get my prescription refills lined up. 

I started back on Duolingo today to learn Spanish. I started it in 2014 apparently- I think when Noah was taking French at Dunbar and his teacher told me about the app. If I can keep it up- not forget about it, I think I can learn a little Spanish that way. I probably need to get a kid to practice with me at school, too. 

Still later…

It’s 9:54. I am not at all sleepy. We have pd tomorrow. Ugh. That will suck. I think the afternoon, or part of the day- whatever, is planning for next year. A stupid use of time since so many people will not be back. 

Once Noah’s little trip is over and I’m on my own again, I have got to get my life together. I need to get going with the exercise. Watching Iron Fist is at least somewhat motivating for that. It at least makes me want to exercise. I am wasting my classpass membership. I just honestly haven’t felt like I had the time to do it. I was getting ready for Noah to come, Noah’s here, now Noah’s friends are all here- I had the job interview situation… I want to get my shit together. I ordered a cool- I hope it’s cool- planner to start using. I want to lose 10 pounds before school starts back in September- and keep the weight off next school year- not let this happen again. After December, once I really got into the middle of this move, I haven’t been back on track with exercise. I have been eating even worse than usual. I am going to try to work on that, too. I am hopeful next school year will bring good things for me. I don’t think staying at my current school would have been the best choice. It is interesting that Marisol got fired, though. 

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