256.8 – Down 1.4

Today starts Day 3 of being perfectly back on-plan. Yesterday and Monday I kept both days under 30g carbs (yesterday I ended up switching up lunch to a basic tuna salad and saving some carbs on the macadamia nuts so that I could have a bit more chili with my dinner.)

Still feeling very energetic, although the keto flu symptoms definitely struck hard yesterday. A little light-headedness, which turned into a moderate pain in my head every time I stood up. Par for the course on Day 2 of adapting back to a ketogenic diet for me. This morning I have no signs of head pain and I feel like a million bucks.

I am thrilled to see that I am almost back down to my lowest weight again- woohoo! How many perfectly on-plan, >30g days can I string together before the Low Carb Conference in August? Before my husband and I take my niece and nephew to Disneyland in November? It ain’t gonna be easy, but I am aiming for every single day between now and those milestone dates.

Re-reading Atkins ’72 again because it’s inspiring. Going full induction is something I’ve talked to death about and never actually done, and I’ll see how many fully induction days I can do before now and my trip in November. It’s rough! My hats off to those of you who have made it your permanent way of eating.

Long walk with Dad this morning.

The plan for today:

Have an awesome on-plan day, everyone

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