Day 11 of Sobriety

     Today is day number 11 – Obviously I miss the Boys, Obviously I miss LLS!! But I feel GREAT!! I haven’t even reached 2 weeks of Sobriety and I feel this great??? I can’t wait to see how I feel in a month, in 6 months and in a year! 

     I had a realization today. I can’t expect LLS to forgive me quickly (or ever in all honesty). I also can’t expect her to forget what happened or to act like nothing happened! I really fucked up. 

    I hope in time that She can forgive me! 

     I emailed Her about stopping over to mow the grass as a way of making amends for things that I have done! I told Her that if this would cause any issues to please let me know! She didn’t reply! However, I’m sure if it were to be an issue, that She would have told someone to contact me to tell me not to. 

     I know what you might be thinking! Why Would you mow Her grass? This is easy to answer for me. Number one, She’s busy! I helped Her out a lot and now I’m not there! She may not have the spare time. Right now, I do. Number two, it would feel good to do something – to do ANYTHING to try to make up for the shitty things that I’ve said or done while drinking. -She didn’t deserve that. Plus part of my recovery is to try to make amends – so She’s helping me more than I’m helping Her by allowing me to do so. 

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