Day 481 – Officially summer

Tuesday, June 20th 2017

Yay! Summer officially started for me.

I did my last exam, which was my English one. I screwed up on reading the thesis for the essay part, but I already wrote it and I didn’t want to erase 3 pages and start over. I decided to let it be and deal with the grade I’ll get. The rest I did well, so I think I did average overall.

After that, Kohai and a couple of my close friends went to get sushi as we usually do. I tried a little bit of different things this time such a spicy tuna or salmon with avacado. Then one of my friends came along to hang out with me at my house, since she doesn’t usually have anything to do at home (it became a normal for her to do so now after we get sushi). I saw one of the brothers that had his house burned the other week while walking, so I smiled and he waved. Also, it started pouring rain and we got soaked, but the sun got out seconds afterwards, so we dried off pretty quickly. It was weird though. One second it was pouring and at the snap of fingers, completely stopped.

Once we arrived, we talked about Supernatural, demons, fallen angels and the apocalypse in the Bible (since it involved Supernatural) and then we looked at the new yearbook for this year. We thought appearance wise it was amazing and we enjoyed the Harry Potter theme, but there was typos, misnamed people, blurry pictures and they put Cedric as a replacement picture (those who didn’t get their picture taken) for the 11th graders when there’s supposed to be Ravenclaw (each grade had a house, except for 7th and 8th), but Cedric’s Hufflepuff. I mean, they got Luna right as the other picture. They also used Umbridge and Voldemort for teachers, but then randomly there was one Snape? Just one. I already planned on being in the yearbook club next year, so imma fix that. I’ll be the proof reader as well, since they badly need one. Speaking of which, looks like I’m a senior now. Gonna be in the oldest group. Well, time to change my bio.

Anyway, afterwards she left and I just played on the computer. Staff played Town of Salem, which was fun. I also watched Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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