From BBC (Draft Version)

Below are some phrases which i have noted down while listening to BBC news.

we are working hard to set things right.
i have heard it from mining companies
manufacturing hub
if you look at the population trend for last 20 years.
massive investment
how they done it?
ever produced
assassination (hatye in kannada) 
eventually (antimavagi)
conservation (samrakshana)
she is quite trump like
treditional way of life is breaking down
what am trying to say here is that,
correct me if am wrong, i am looking here
more or less everyday
you can live how you want to live
could you just interduce yourself
it’s like a home in a way —-
notwithstanding  instead of “Having said that”
notwithstanding (aadaru) -> Went shopping notwithstanding the bad weather. The teams played on, notwithstanding the rain.
“Having said that” is a transitional phrase that has become more and more common in spoken language. When people say, “Having said that” it is a signal that they are going to say something which will contrast or disagree with what they said a moment ago. Take, for example, this quote from a man talking about his father’s death:
“He was 93 years old, so it was the natural way of things. Having said that, it’s still a shock when it actually happens, when your parent dies.”
Here are two more examples from the Learner’s Dictionary:
Their work has been fairly good. Having said that, I still think there’s room for improvement.
Much of the book was very dull. Having said that, I have to admit that the ending was extremely clever.
suppose (Uhisikolli)
think or assume that something is true or probable but lack proof or certain knowledge.
 I suppose it’s an opinion formed after some consideration. I considered the case of: “Susan 
desperate (hataashe)
prevailing (Caltiyalliruva)
We asked you to vote on who you thought should win – and received more than 140,000 votes. Some of the results fit with prevailing opinion – but there were a few surprises.
about 35 min time.
humiliate (Avamanisalendu)
my purse containing 1000 rupee at least.
we {dru} up
denied (nirakarisu)
i was in despiration, i couldn’t return home
i soon got used to soldering life
i had no choice but to 
tomo we make our way to fortune..
…. there after.
i shall never come to you for help again,
i think thats roughly right.

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