Worx Lawn Mower with Removable Battery & IntelliCutVery often, having a garden also means having a lawn. This is especially true for people like me, who have young kids that need space to run around in. My “garden” area is on the perimeter of a pretty wide lawn. For a very long time, we used a manual lawn mower for the sake of being eco-friendly, and this was okay with me because it was my husband’s job to mow the lawn. However, when his job became more demanding, he ended up spending less time at home, which cut down his mowing time significantly.

So it was up to me to start mowing the lawn, but I didn’t really make much progress with the manual mower. It would take me a whole day to do most of the lawn, which meant I was really mowing for two days. After a few months of doing this, I decided it was definitely time to invest in a machine-powered mower.

After a lot of research, which involved going around my street and asking my neighbors what brands they recommended, I settled on the Worx Lawn Mower with Removable Battery & IntelliCut. A mouthful to say, I know, but it seemed to have everything I needed to keep my lawn in check and to cut my work time to about a third or less than that.

The Worx mower arrived within two days of ordering it. The first thing that really pleased me is that it was very easy to set up. I didn’t need any tools to put in the various parts and screw what needed tightening. I did everything by hand. The second thing that please me is that the battery came charged! This meant I could use it right away, which was fortunate because I had been putting off mowing my lawn, knowing that I’d be getting a new mower, so I really did need to get out there and get to work.

Not two minutes into using this lawn mower, and I knew I made the right choice by following the Filix’s recommendation. It was quiet (has a gentle hum to it), it didn’t vibrate crazily so that I couldn’t control it, and it was cutting up grass with ease! I used it for almost an hour before one of the little green lights (there are three to show you full battery) turned off. Since I’ve started using it, each green light lasts about an hour, which means constant use on a fully charged battery equals three hours of mowing! I’ve also discovered that if you give it a short break, sometimes the battery “recharges” and one of the green lights turns on again, but it won’t last as long. I really appreciate that it doesn’t slow down despite being low on battery. What’s more is that the mower also mulches and/or collects grass as you mow your lawn! It’s a great three in one machine.

The Worx Lawn Mower comes with a detachable 36-volt battery, a charger, and a grass bag. It’s designed to have collapsible handles for easy storage, and the battery can be removed from the mower and charged elsewhere. IT has a ‘Quiet’ setting, which is mean for everyday mowing and a ‘Power’ setting, which is meant for cutting tall or touch grass. Most lawns won’t need the second setting, especially if you tend to it regularly, but it’s nice to have the setting available.

There are very few things I dislike about this mower. Perhaps one of my few complaints is that the charger tends to heat up while charging so you need to give it some space when charging. Also, the instruction manual is really badly written. Though you understand what they’re trying to say, the company could sure use an editor for their manual! Finally, the mower is a bit on the heavy side. But considering all that it can do, I couldn’t have expected it to be too light!

Just as I suspected, this lawn mower helped cut my mowing time significantly. How significant? Well, I don’t have to mow the lawn anymore! It’s so easy and quick that now my husband has time to mow it again! Though it’s an electric mower, and it does cost extra to charge it, I’m glad that I got this instead of a gas mower because there’s no mess and it’s also somewhat better for the environment. Also, the mower is much easier to clean! Considering all of its good points and its two year warranty, I’m more than happy with the purchase!

If I had to buy a lawn mower a few years from now, I’d definitely pick one from Worx. It’s done really well so far, and the lawn mower battery has been extremely reliable. It’s also easy enough for someone who isn’t too strong to use. Overall, a good investment!

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