midnight thoughts

I guess I’m having one of those days were I simply want press a “restart button”. Change few decisions I made in the past. Do thing differently. I wish I were back in high school again. I don’t think I would choose the same major, the same city, the same experiences. Uni is really hard on me and doesn’t necessarily fulfill me. I guess that’s the reason I don’t have much motivation right now in general. I feel slightly trapped, but I’m going to end what I started and end it well. That’s the type of person I am. I don’t give up, and whatever I do I have to do whole heartedly. 

I have to remind myself often that life is a journey and it doesn’t matter which decision one makes in life. If it felt right at that time you should never regret it. If it ends up being a wrong one, you can learn from it, grow and make better ones next time. ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.. it’s about learning to dance in the rain’. It’s okay to occasionally to look back. But it’s oh so very important to always look forward.  You can’t change the past, but your future is in your hands. And you have the power to make your dreams into reality. 

So even if I had a little downer today. Tomorrow’s a new one. A fresh start. And i’ll try to seek happiness and joy, once I wake up and have a great and productive day.

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