My Idea behind this Journals

Am trying to get better in making conversation. It’s my ultimate goal and the only reason to create this account.

Here I will keep writing my plans and goals and how am progressing towards it.

The main idea is to record the phrases as and when I read it in any blogs, i does this everyday. and read the same phrases as many times as possible until I get that.

I used to dump it to notepad and keep reading it whenever i get time. it was tedious to search and open the note pad, and the font in the notepad was not so great to read. so i was thinking to put it across the web, and finally I landed here.

I will keep updating my journal, mostly it will be full of phrases (Taken from any blogs, books, TV shows, audio tapes, but from right source), which we need it badly for communication.

Am not so good in communication, however i convey my ideas, but i can’t convince others, as am not from English speaking country, I have to strive to get that.

I have kept all my journals as much plain as possible because, I can open the journal and read that in office. this is the reason Title of the articles will not be so impressive, and I will keep improvising the article until I get that right.




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