It has been a long, long day.  First doctor appointment.  Good news.  MRI was clear.  Vision problem could be from pre-meds I get before chemo.  Must remember to make an appointment with my opthamologist and get some stronger reading glasses like at least a 3.0.   Chemo was changed to a slightly lower dose due to poor counts.  Dr. is going on vacation so my next appointment will be with the nurse practitioner. but it wasn’t scheduled yet due to high volume of patients at that time..  Must remember to find out about that next week.  Showed doctor my swollen foot.  Got echo scheduled for July 7.  Went to chemo room where I waited for blood work.  Great news.  All is good so I had chemo.  I sat in the chair the entire time and my foot swelled even more.  Finished chemo and got schedule fixed due to July 4th holiday and my doctor decided I needed a Doppler of my foot/leg.  Got that scheduled as an add-on right then at the hospital.  Went to hospital and registration but had to wait through about 5 other patients.  Had Doppler and it was read immediately and my doctor was called with the results.  More good news.  No blood clots.  Must try to keep foot (feet) elevated tomorrow to get this swelling down.  Blood pressure was elevated today.  See PCP on Thursday.  Should get results from heart monitor.  This day started at 9am and I didn’t get home until after 7pm.  And so over and out for today.

Date is screwed up.  Today is June 20.

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