Under the radar

I’m a little worried about going to work today.  Something happened and I won’t know if it had an effect on anything until I get there.  I don’t want to say what it is on here but once I get a feel for things maybe I’ll eventually write it down.  Almost my whole day off I spent worrying about it and I even had a nightmare the other night.  I usually never get nightmares.  At least I was able to pick up my pills yesterday so that should help a little.  Other than that I’ve been laying low, barely talking to anyone.  Not like there’s anyone to talk to anymore.  For now, I’m content with staying home and watching Netflix and reading.  I just want to stay under the radar for a little bit.  Anthony texted me yesterday and this morning like nothing was wrong.  Deep down I really want to talk to him and see him again but he’s no good for me and I know better than to give him another chance.  I just can’t believe he hasn’t apologized or thinks that he’s so damn good looking that I’ll just keep on forgiving him and let him treat me like shit.  I plan on ignoring him today and hopefully he’ll get the hint.  I just want him to go away for good.  So things are a bit uneventful right now.  I hope that once I feel up to it again, that opportunities to go out and have fun will present themselves.  I also hope that work goes well…but we’ll see. 

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