257.6 – Up .8

Not concerned with the minor gain. Today starts Day 4 of being perfectly on-plan and under 30g carbs/day. My cousin has had a lot of success with LC and recommended that I start keeping a streak count: how many days can I be perfectly on-plan within my own parameters? “My parameters”: track every day, and keep total carbs under 30 every day. That’s it, simple. Not only that, but I find that I lose best and stick with it best when I track. I don’t know if it’s habit-stacking or just that tracking gives me a clear idea of what I’m doing with my day- maybe both- but it helps me.

Dad and I were discussing the fact that he has trouble sticking to LC during the weekends. We also discussed the fact that I want to do induction, but nuts/avocado/90% chocolate are soooooo good. We decided to combine our efforts in solidarity, and we’re going to both stick to induction on the weekends only- that way I won’t feel deprived (and heck, maybe I can finally dip my toes into the waters of induction and decide it’s really not as restrictive as I thought.)

Action plan:
1) Plan all meals for the weekend
2) Pre-track same
3) Stick with it. If the temptation is too great, I will ask my husband to hide the peanut butter/chocolate/nuts. Seriously.

Walk with Dad today.

I’ve been really, really good about not eating solid food in the morning. I want to get back to IFing, which I had stopped doing because my body was getting used to exercise. Well, it’s used to it now The heavy coffee, tea, and boullion have been helpful in keeping hunger pangs at bay. The plan for today:

Have a great day, folks

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