12. Learn Something

I wish I was creative. I wish I listened in English class more whenever I was in high school. I don’t know if it’s just a phase, but I really enjoy reading and writing now. I want to be able to write something lovely or just about my emotions in great detail. Before, I despised opening a book and learning new things. Honestly, that has got to be the stupidest decision in my life.

Why would you want to lack knowledge? Why stop learning? I want to be that person who likes learning something new everyday and researching about it. To build my vocabulary and having the conversations about politics and express my opinions with facts. I’m tired of being the Bimbo. Yes. I was called a bimbo in high school and It didn’t hurt my feelings. I would always say “eh, well at least I’m hot”

Here’s is a reminder, that no matter what, even if it’s difficult for you to try to understand something, always keep at it and never give up. Your goal here is to improve your English speech, critical thinking, social skills and interactions.

Your husband is a very intelligent man and whenever he talks about his job and numbers are included, try to listen and understand what he means. I know numbers hit your weak spot, but try to find a learning method that will help you improve.

Because I know you’re tired of listening to the conversations with him and his parents and you just sit there with know knowledge at all at what they are discussing.

Improve, improve, improve. Never give up. Keep learning, reading and writing.


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