This is probably nothing new. Still annoying? Sad but true.
The fact is, there are some people we should never waste time and energy arguing with. Why? No, it’s not because they’re always right or downright intimidating that they think they’re scary enough for you.
They’re just…mentally-exhausting. To be more precise, here are the five nominees:
1. They (think they) are always right.
It never matters if you’re sure that they’re not (and have proofs regarding it) or if you simply disagree with their point of view. Even if they’re already proven wrong, they’re not going to give up that easily. They’ll always find excuses, whether it’s their age and experience, or you just don’t qualify to be their equal.
2. They just love attacking you personally instead of focusing on the current and more real problem.
Let’s just face it; they don’t like you and their ego is much bigger than their common sense. It doesn’t matter if you happen to be right. They’re not up to be argued, especially by someone like you. They’ll always find ways to put you down in hopes of keeping you quiet, even if it means giving nasty comments about your age, what you wear, and even how you think and feel. It doesn’t matter if they’re completely off the subject you’ve been arguing.
3. They just have to have the last word.
Keep arguing and they won’t stop. Try to keep quiet and give them what they want. Remember, having the last word doesn’t always mean winning the argument. Just think of this as giving the last piece of cake to a little child just to avoid their tantrum. That’s it.
4. They don’t even know what they really want, yet get upset when pointed out.
“Alright, so what do we do next?”
“I don’t know. Up to you.”
(minutes later…)
“Why are we doing this?”
“I thought you said it was up to me.”
“Yeah, but not this.”
“Then what do you want?”
“I don’t know.”
Get it?
5. They’re just looking for an emotional punch-bag.
It sucks to be you around them, eh? It’s not always your fault, but you’re still the one expected to take all the blame. Trying to take it personally is not easy.
Enough said.

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