I had another strange dream last night. 

It all starts out where I am at like this dinner theater thing where I don’t know the people I’m sitting with too well. We order dinner and then the film goes on and plays on the small screen where I’m sitting a little off from it at a round table. My friend is working as a waitress at this place but I don’t see her much. The film ends and I look around to see that everyone’s dinner is only like half eaten. I thought the movie was too short, leaving my own food barely eaten, but everyone leaves. I think to myself, what a bunch of wasteful humans. I’m going to save mine. Let me see if I can find a to go thing and bring as much of this with me as I can. I find my friend who’s cleaning up. She seems a little stressed, but I ask her for a bag, and she tries to be nice. Something is worrying her, but Idk what it is. I want to ask, but I have another thing I have to be at and don’t ask. I gather what food I can and I leave. 

Next thing I know, I’m in an army of sorts (this is not the first military dream I’ve had. No, I have never served. I wanted to, but listed to my parents about not doing it. Big mistake). My compatriots and I are listening to our leader about the battle to come. To be honest, now that I’m thinking about that, it’s almost like a continuation of another battle dream I had a long time ago. A similar structure of a castle and this was based in a time where guns did not exist. We had swords, maces, morning stars, armor, shyt like that. 
Our leader was talking to us and someone who I had some romantic interest in was at my side. He was a strong, built man with a gruff face and red hair. He looked to be about in his late 20s, maybe early 30s. We were just “flirting” at this point… nothing had happened yet. But both of us knew that this battle could kill us. But we were going to fight anyways. The leader then says, “Watch your enemy and it’s movements. It could save your life.” And then we climbed up a wall to see what they were doing. 

And then I woke up. 

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