“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleonor Roosevelt

So last night was spent assisting her with her preparation for a job interview. I am so rooting for her on this new job. I really want her to get the position because I am very sure that it will further build her character and self confidence. These are the two main things that she had always had a hard time achieving for herself. Upgrading her career and working in a formal environment this time will definitely purge all of what remains of her overall insecurities . How I pray every night for her to get a positive result on this one.

Everything went well with the preparation, proper attire and bearing and all. I was really admiring how she was so determined to nail this job. Around 2pm she had to leave for the interview while it’s time for me to finally hit the sack. I immediately settled on my bed feeling so light and happy that I was able to be “dependable” this time on something she truly needed at the moment. For the first time after several nights of restlessness and negative dreams, I had such a sound sleep.

I woke up this morning to see her exciting text messages. What a perfect way to bring sunshine to my morning! Yes, she nailed it, she did so well in her interview and boy how I felt so proud of her! I immediately told my mom about it and what best way to make me happier than to get back her admiration for her – this girl who I have truly fought for against my whole family for so many years. Now things are looking up again between them. I see a new start…a new beginning.

 May the air be brazen

and unafraid.

To kiss the glowing embers

in our faltering hearts…


With its fingers,

albeit light and wispy


Calloused with experience.


May it never loses

its motivation.

So it could grant us ours

and nurture us back

to flame.


I looked out my window and gazed at the sky, the night clouds were already bidding goodbye as vivid clouds signals the birth of a new day.

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