Wednesday, June 21st

Wow. Could things possibly be going right for me?? I got a job at what I think will be a good school for next year. I got my certification squared away. And, the big one- I might have a chance that my current apartment is rent stabilized because the destabilized it illegally- maybe. Maybe it’s not so bad to rent from a crook! In order for my apartment to have been legally destabilized, they would have had to spend $100K in improvements on it. No fucking way. No fucking way. That didn’t happen. There are wires hanging out of the walls. No fucking way did he spend $10K on improvements. My kitchen has 1 drawer and the cabinets are cheap ones from IKEA, so I would say $2000 at the very most. If I get my place rent stabilized, then this move to New York has most definitely been looked upon with favor by the gods. 

FUCK the haters. 

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