You’re Not Black Enough

You don’t know if you’re in the hole already, or you’re dreaming. Maybe you’re the hole it3lf. The entire darkness you imagine (can anyone imagine the darkness? Isn’t it the same thing you can’t imagine? Like your future. Definitely dark. You have no idea if there’s any).
So, why are you keep goin’? “Old excuses” would say your babe and your family. So, who the fuck are “you”? Did you ever, like ever, do anything good for them? Why do you think it’s gonna be alright if you keep breathin’, fuckin’ their lives, suckin’ their hopes, youth and sweats?
Instead of academic writing, body language and all those crappy courses you registered to give a scary look to your inbox, go learn how to be brave. How to sharpen a blade. How to cut a “pointless train”. Too much drama? Go learn basic pharmacology. Then a long sleep, ha?
Whatever it is, shave before death, for fuck’s sake!

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