I’ve really kept my ex on block when it comes to his number and have registered his number to my spam folder for the texts he sends. That way I don’t have to see them(Unless I look).

I tried dumping him, and I guess he didn’t see it that way, so I have to really make up my mind and come to a solid decision on how to properly tell him so, while gathering up the courage to tell him how much he’s hurt me.I feel if I’m not honest with him then I will regret it later on. I don’t want to keep him hanging either, since that’s just cruel(even if I hate his guts at times). I really need longer to solidify my feelings before I say anything to him. I don’t want to be an emotional wreck when I do, I also don’t want to immature about it, especially to someone I dated for two years.

My intentions aren’t to hurt him but I’m sure what I will say to him might hurt him a bit.

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