some fun with inspirobot.

While I was browsing Tumblr I found a link for a website that randomly generates inspirational quotes on top of vaguely inspirational backgrounds, so I decided to check it out. The site is called InspiroBot. The first inspirational quote it generated for me was this:

Time is just a fraud on speed.

The second went as follows:

With human celebrations come human deals.

I think the site is pretty cool. However, the third one it gave me says that What seems locked to a homeless person, seems unlocked to a real individual. “This strikes me as being almost… discriminatory toward the homeless. Is it insinuating that they are not real individuals?

The background for that last one was of the chin of a bearded man holding a cup of coffee. The second one had a city-scape sort of background, and the first had a sort of blurry picture of the back view of a girl. You don’t have to live in order to invade a country had a digital photo of blue mountains against a peach sky.


Thanks to the magic of YouTube recommendations, I have discovered Funeral Suits. Their music is BEAUTIFUL. Or should I say was beautiful, since they just broke up last year? Why did I never discover them sooner? Although maybe it’s better that I didn’t discover them before they broke up, or I would have felt even more disappointed. Anyway, Colour Fade is amazing. The MV trilogy for Health, All those friendly people, and Hands Down was mesmerizing, disturbing, and beautiful at the same time. The video for Hands Down was especially dark, but I think it symbolized fighting for yourself even when the end seems inevitable. My heart was racing when the woman in white slashed the bird-masked man’s throat before the video ended with his pig-mask minions charging at her. Horrifying.

Creature Comfort, the new-ish single by Arcade Fire, is fantastic, too. It brings me chills to listen to the lyrics. Saying God, make me famous / if you can’t just make it painless / … But it’s not painless / … And we’re not nameless

I’ve also just realized that The Academy Is… is also a great band. At least, I like their sound and the lead singer’s voice. What really bothers me about some bands is their lead singer’s voice, which isn’t appealing. What bothers me even more is that TAI has already broken up. Why?

It’s so corny how William Beckett (former lead of TAI) had such shaggy 2007 hair. Is it weird that I’m still sort of subconsciously attracted to boys with such horrible emo Myspace 2006 hair? I shudder to think about it. Most boys in real life don’t look good with super long hair since they seem to be really bad at keeping it clean. Anyway, TAI’s music makes me think of those days when my sister would insist on buying everything from Abercrombie and Hollister, which meant that we had to go there every time we went to the mall. Honestly, thinking back, my sister almost exclusively wore clothes from Abercrombie and Hollister when she was thirteen+. Are there even any stores in Texas? Do people even still think clothes from those two stores are fashionable anymore? I have no idea. I will just forever associate them with 2007 when emo music was mainstream and people had flip phones. Ah, good times. Even though my memories of that era include me being v v scared of walking past Hot Topic and all the “scary” emo and goth kids. Ha! Little did I know then that I was going to want to be a raging emo a few years later. Little did I fucking know.


I keep drawing braids. They’re easier to draw than loose hair, which is easier to draw than really messy hair, which is easier to draw than curly or wavy hair. I can’t draw curls. Or waves. Yet.


My mom has almost finished binge-watching Bones. She’ll have to find another show to start binge-watching now.


Maybe I’ll add more to this later. Who knows. I’ll probably be busy drawing. I’m thinking of getting an Instagram account for my drawings, just so I can show the world that I can only do mediocre sketches and don’t know how to color anything but hair.

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