Somehow theirs hope!!! Here’s guidance

we sometimes hope that the pain stops but as time proceeds we start to realize that pain never really ends, we realize it’s an on-going cycle of emotions but how we cope with it is what somewhat defines us.

You see I haven’t really spoken up for myself or really expressed my feeling or the pain I’ve felt over the years. I’m not really going to get into that.The point of this message or point I’m finally trying to get out is that we all have a voice, we all have a heart, we all experience unbelievable amounts of pain and emotion but the way we express it matters.


I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m miserable and happy at the same time and as weird and crazy as that may sound its true. I hate my life and if I’m telling the honest truth I even think about cutting myself again but there’s this person out there who’s becoming super important to me and he’s addicting. He’s my cure. Somehow, someway he makes it all go away. Life doesn’t seem hard with him in it. I can breathe a little with him around, I can smile without a reason with him around, i can let go with him around and most of all I can love with him around. Who knows what my future may bring but I hope this good thing won’t come to an end, he’s my happiness he’s my hero in a way.

The point I keep beating around the push to get out is if you are hurting or know someone who is can you be there and love them when no one else can.? 

Can you guide them in the right direction to hold on a little longer

The world may treat you like shit and I know from experience but we have to go through hell to get something we deserve weather it may be happiness or peace or even love. Just if you’re reading this and you are hurting in some way please don’t give up as hard as that may seem.



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