Day 24 – 30 Days of Remembrance

Sometimes life gets so busy, hectic and tiring, you forget things which are supposed to be important.  Writing in this journal is so important in my days, but last night I opened my iPad to discover I hadn’t opened it since Monday and had not written in my journal either.  And I have to recollection of why I didn’t, except that busy life excuse (reason?).  Somthere is no Day 20, 21, 22 or 23 in my Remembrance journal month. 😔

This week has been crazy and I’ve fallen into bed exhausted every night….one night I even chose sleep over food, so that says a lot!!  I’ve had some mom and dad memories, but they also escape my thoughts today as I’m sitting here; for that I feel bad. 

But….what’s done can’t be changed so today I am writing in the morning while I am relaxing. Truth be told, I don’t really plan on moving from this spot if possible; it’s rest day for me.  It’s a very cool day here, almost feels like a crisp fall morning, and it instantly takes me to memories of my mom.  I wrote earlier in the month about baking bread on cool days; today being a Saturday, mom would probably be roasting something in the oven; a chicken or roast, maybe lasagna. It would definitely be dinner that comes out of the oven tonight.

Even though we have air conditioning in our house, I do the same thing. When it’s a cool day, I switch my brain to “what can I cook in the oven”.  Today I chose steel head trout and asparagus for dinner. The house will be warm and the food will be delicious. Stay warm today! 

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