Does faith bring you closer to God? If so, how?

My mind doesn’t automatically go to religion when it comes to that word, because it’s believing in something, or even someone. Maybe it should, but there are various things to have faith in. People, religion, and anything you can think of, really.

When it comes to faith, I think of all my beliefs, which does indeed include God but that isn’t what I’m going for in this entry.

I believe in others, and I believe in love. I have faith that people can change. I believe that people are willing to change for love and others. It all just takes a matter of time.

I believe that deep down, people are good at heart but they’re just shitty at showing it. Maybe it’s because what they’ve been through, or how they were brought up and taught. Or maybe they don’t know how to express anything but hatred because of those reasons. 

I don’t know but I wish I knew.

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