Friday, June 23rd

I only have 2 more days of school to go. Tuesday and Wednesday. I am about to get my life together. That is my plan. I am going to start classpass classes on Sunday. I am going to go to 3 next week, and use my other passes for July before I leave for Kentucky. I am going to get my life together. I may stop drinking soda. I am thinking I can drink the sparkling flavored water instead. I am going to be a new person by the time school starts back in September. I am going to lose 10 pounds, I will have a new chin, I will be healthier and stronger. 

I am still hopeful I will get my apartment rent stabilized. I think I can. I cannot understand how the rent went from $530 to $1200 in one year. I don’t see how this is not a scam. I read that if destabilized illegally, the landlord has to pay back 3 times the amount he overcharged. I wish they would make him pay me for all the years he overcharged not just the amount he overcharged me personally! I’d be rich! I’m not sure how long it would take to get an action on the issue if it was destabilized illegally. I truly think it had to have been. If he would have had to make $100K in improvements to meet the high rent threshold, no fucking way did he spend that. And, it has to be IMPROVEMENTS, not just maintenance. 

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