Liar liar, your pants are on fire!

“What color are your socks?”

*Wearing black socks* “Um, white!”

Pathological liar. I’ve date quite a few. Maybe that means I am really just lying to myself. Trust me, I would love to live in my own make believe world too, where every thing I say true whether it is or not. I will never understand the urge to lie over something so simple. I’ve lied, but at least my lies are to cover my ass in something important and sounds real. I’m not asking for a saint…clearly I’m not!…But more so the idea of when someone confronts you with the truth and there is no running from because it’s smack dab in your face…OWN IT! Mistakes are made every day, it’s the choice of correcting the next time or continue to trip over that same damn rock that’s in your way. People like me feel tested which feels like a threat. I don’t test people’s intelligence and I would hope no one tests mine…in the end I am always going to win this game. I like to study people, how they move, act, think, and how they socialize. Which is how I will always know when someone is lying to me. People will always peak my interest to the fullest, may not always like them, but even those people get me. “Man Up!”

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