253.2 – NL!!!!! Down 1.6 from yesterday, down 9 this week

Today starts day 7 of being perfectly on-plan. Stuck to pure A ’72 induction both Friday and Saturday and I’ve seen great losses. The scale doesn’t tell the whole story of course, but I’m thrilled to see it moving in the right direction and hitting a new low this morning

I had a couple of pretty great non-scale victories yesterday. First, I went went went all day long and didn’t need a nap, and I didn’t get grouchy. 3 mile walk in the morning, followed by a couple of hours of errands, watched a movie with hubs, visited the parents because my niece and nephew were at their house, helped make dinner, then AFTER dinner Dad called and asked if I wanted to go to the pool (heck yeah), shower, then I randomly decided to go to Wal-Mart because my jeans are way too saggy.

And that leads me to my second NSV… I went down two more pant sizes! I was disappointed that they didn’t have the next pant size down for me (a 24, from the 26 I was wearing) and so I grabbed a size 22 and made my way to the fitting rooms just hoping this one wouldn’t be so tight that they were like socially unacceptable. Not only were they totally comfortable, they looked great! I was able to sit in the them comfortably and text my husband “I AM WEARING A SIZE 22 AND THEY FIT! OMGGGGGGG”

Hubs replied with, “Non-scale victory!” He’s the best

Today we’re helping some dear friends move. An early breakfast followed by moving items as fast as we can before this sticky heat we’ve been having really hits for the day. Who knows, maybe we’ll hang at the beach after

The plan for today is below. Lunch is up in the air, but I am sticking to A ’72 induction no matter what, so worse comes to worse I am having chicharones for lunch.

Have an awesome on-plan day, all

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