When it is told to you that you can’t be together in this lifetime

Because of the many things you need to fix

After 12 years of fighting against the odds

You have come to a place of acceptance

You let go and then go back to some truths about yourself.

Then you begin to see and cultivate your own life around you

To create experiences and memories

Be involved in peoples lives

Give yourself a chance to open up to people who may give you affection in return

You go on dates and let others hold your hand, give you a hug

Let other people hear you out

Engage in moments of happiness of human nature

And somehow, you feel reassured of the awareness of this life that your soul embodies

You know that such interactions are brief and fading

But nonetheless, they are still good memories that you keep for your own self growth.

To make up for the decisions I have not made with the time lost. 

And then you are told again

To believe and have faith in a relationship that has been the impossible.

You are put into the position of cutting all that you have attained off

You reroute your intentions and clean up the loose ends making everything gradually more defined with the connections you have made

For this love

As this love you know is unbounded…. unconditional. 

So why can’t I have some peace in this process?


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