Day 25 – 30 Days of Remembrance

Today was lettuce memory day. My mom always planted a big garden, believe me when you’re picking peas and it takes all day, it’s a big garden!

Lettuce, radishes and green onions were the first planted and first picked. Then we enjoyed mom’s amazing garden salad. Now, this is not a healthy-all you can eat-salad….this is a salad dressed with cream and vinegar. Full on thick cream. Damn was it good. How could it not be, right?

Today I picked my own garden lettuce and prepared a salad for my family, but I shy away from the heavy cream in favor of a light balsamic.

My mom might have enjoyed my take on a homegrown green leaf lettuce salad….but my dad would be looking for the cream or the thousand island dressing.

Bon appetite! 

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